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You have just one breaker for the whole boat? If so, I would think carefully about allowing all 30 amps to go to AC outlet.

Check the gauge and other specs of the smallest wire in your system. Then do some searching online for what amps it will carry safely. If your outlet is connected with 14 AWG, I would make the breaker 15 amps or less. If you have a panel that splits the current among multiple circuits, you might do 30 amps for the whole boat (master breaker), but then split that into multiple circuits that match the gauge of the wire and rating of the outlets.

I believe that "standard" AC outlets are 15 amp maximum. 20 amp outlets have a "T-shape" hot slot that accommodates the special plugs that 20 amp appliances require.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an electrician. Verify anything I say with a qualified source. (Free Internet advice may be worth less than you pay for it.)
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