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I've got another (though related) problem.
Attempted to remove the last machine screw on my sail track so I could remove the car. The screw head snapped off (of course). I was hoping enough of the head remained to hold the track down. It didn't (of course!). The picture shows a end view with the track bent up above the screw.
I need to replace the screw with a through bolt to hold the track down.
The stainless screw was threaded into the aluminum boom. I didn't have any "Blaster" or similar product, so I tried WD 40. I can barely get a vice grip on the 3/8" of screw inside the boom, but can't break it loose. Don't want to remove the track, as it will probably produce 5 similar problems. Might (very questionable!) be able to cut off the top screw section with a small Dremel tool and drill it out but wanted some feed back before I do that.
I could probably cut the section inside the boom off with a Sawzall, but then what?
Any chance Blaster would break it loose?
Any other Ideas?


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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