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Paint thinner, aka "Mineral spirits" would be the cheapest buy.

Lighter fluid is just naphtha, similar to benzene, but a purified ($$) grade of it. That's wasted on cleaning.

Same for all the "better" solvents. To remove old varnish and oil, buy enough mineral spirits to fill a jar that can hold the hinge. Let it sit overnight and you should be able to wipe it clear, or give it a good shake in the thinner and then wipe it clear.

Any of the creamy orange "citrus solvents" will also do it. Paint them on, let it sit 20 minutes, scrub with a toothbrush, all the gunk will come off, and you're only working with water for the cleanup.

Then of course, relubricate the hinge when you are done. Especially if it is "steel" it will almost immediately get surface rust after a good solvent cleaning of any kind.
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