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Cleaning mold on aft cabin walls

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Hello everyone, I need some advice on what to use for this. We had a leak from arch and have sealed the leak but the mold is still on the walls as you can see in the pictures. Any advice on what we should use on this? I looked at the StarBrite Mildew Remover as it gets great reviews, but the directions say to hose down the affected area after using it. Obviously I don't want to take a hose to the aft cabin and spray down the walls. Any advice? Thank you everyone!!


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Also consider where the mold may be growing that you can't see (and it is, if you already have visible mold). It will crawl back out immediately.

I've become a fan of the tea tree oil treatments, but I can't say I know enough to definitely say why it works. Just experience with Kanberra.
....Yes, I tested tea tree oil as well. I offers some effectiveness, but for actual microbial impact it has to be obnoxiously strong. To get it strong enough, the boat must be sealed against ventilation, which brings damp and is thus cross purposes IMHO. Some folks like the smell, and in a well ventilated boat, the most it can provide is a tiny amount of incremental grow inhibition, impossible to measure accurately.
You seem to be referring to the emulsified tea tree oil, which does require a closed environment to evaporate and distribute. Only good, if you are already mold free and want to stay that way. They also make a spray to apply directly. I haven't used the spray, but it seems a whole lot less caustic than many suggestions above. Especially TSP. I would be comfortable leaving tea tree oil in place.
Magic erasers (melamine foam) work because they are abrasive. Just be sure you're okay with apply a super fine sandpaper to the surface you are cleaning.

I hide all abrasive cleaning pads, because I worry a guest (trying to be helpful) will grab them and try to help clean up. For example, we have a pot scrubber that I've seen used on plastic stem wear. Ruined. It's now hidden for crew use only.
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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