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clear for smooth bilge pump tubing?

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I really need to replace it. it's pretty long in my boat and the convoluted tubing is all black with mold. I'' thinking 5/8" (will check the size) ID clear for the task?

I bilge water was a block of ice this year! somehow I did not get it pumped out enough when the cold weather hit. Need to replace the float switch too. ice broke a wire out of it.
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I think I know that ABYC does not recommend clear tubing for bilge water purposes. That said, I used some of the re-inforced clear tubing and have had no problems since (5+ years ago). Sure looks nice too PLUS it really is smooth unlike that white ribbed crap.
Benefits: cheap, easy to work with, easy to replace & install, mold/mildew loves dark spaces but clear tubing lets in some light. Ok, so maybe it ends up on a quicker replacement schedule, but it is cheaper, easier ... etc.

Most bilge pump gph ratings are well overstated for your average sailboat installation (head + distance + turns). Why add ribbed tubing into the mix to further reduce their effectiveness?

(Ducks and hides waiting for the MaineSail ABYC rant)
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