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Hi all,

I have never used an agent to clear into a country but it seems that it is compulsory in Indonesia, at least as far as getting your CAIT (cruising permit). I have viewed the list on noonsite and done some more research around the internet and i am having difficulty finding good information on agents.

We will check into Indonesia in Jayapura having come from PNG. My brain tells me that i should choose an agent based somewhere in the east of the archipelago as it seems it might facilitate communications if things go south but the agents i'm finding seem to be based in Bali or Jakarta...but my brain has been known to be wrong, so, I guess (one of) the pertinent question(s) is: Will I ever meet whichever agent I choose or will it all be conducted remotely, making distance and location a moot point? Does have personal recommendations on agents they have used in the past? I would like to hear all stories, good or bad.

This is new territory for me and any advice is much appreciated. Thanks
Have you tried hitting up the Sail Indonesia rally folk?

They might be able to offer some suggestions. Best of luck!

Where are you checking into PNG??
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