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OH my gosh! Thank you guys for all your input!Maybe I will never return to the USA ; this is the same reason why I decided to retire in the Philippines!Iam so embarrass to be an american at time! I guess I will try to get B-1 or B-2 visa this month just to see if I can get it for her. I now would like to live on another country other then the philippines cause I have liquidated my Business ventures over here. any suggestions from u guys of your favorite cruising grounds with less burocratic BS then the USA?
I will keep all posted of how this visa situation works out. thanks again to all
PS Havent renamed my new boat yet!Maybe after my last Boat "Restless Rosie"
Malaysian Borneo, Sabah & Sarawak as well as Brunei are close and has easy in/out requirements for your crew. PI citizens only get a 30 day visa upon arrival. FYI, we had to jump through several hoops for our visas and boat permits for the PI, so all the issues mentioned in the above posts are not limited to the good ol US of A.
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