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Hi there ......

Been registered here for nearly 2 years as I did the dance about finding a boat.

Now I have settled on a 1985 Tartan 34 which I should have back in Clevlenad come early May.

I'm a relatively green sailor, with only a couple years of light duty crewing and then ASA 101/103/104/114 over the last 2 years.

I'll be out of sunny Cleveland, Ohio at Whiskey Island Marina if any of you are familiar.

A bit about me. I'm a 42 year old radiologist and still working full time. I'm hoping that over the next decade I can build enough competence to take up a cruising life at least partially along with dergon_gf (who should be mrsdergon soon).

We have a least 4 or 5 readymade crew mates locally who have been whispering in my ear to buy a sailboat for years. Hopefully this summer we can be out a good bit and the learning curve will start to look less steep.

We plan to charter a boat ( a Lagoon 44 cat) this coming winter in the BVIs so I really need to up my skills between now and then.

Anyway, I'll be looking around the site and probably asking a good number of questions as the year goes on.

Good to see ya!

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