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I never had fuel problems but I did have my tanks cleaned by a professional after the boat sat for two years, and before running the newly installed engine...very glad I did as the algae growth was significant. I don't have an inspection port so they went through the fuel pick up tube, screen wasn't horrible but did need cleaning. They shocked the tanks then came back two later, removed most of the fuel (yes that hurt, 50 gallons, but it was time), cleaned it with a high pressure wand then removed the remaining fuel and any deposit on the bottom.

I installed a fuel polisher by Racor that is also a back up filter when I set the valves (total of three). Remember your engine returns some fuel to the tank when its running so that in itself is a "polisher" so to speak.

That said, your injection pump of injector could be clogged? or malfunctioning. If changing the filters this many times hasn't solved the running of the engine, I doubt continuing to do so will fix it.

What micron primary do you have, maybe that getting clogged, perhaps a different size would help...

Hard to say, going to be somewhat trial and error I think...but I'm no mechanic just a over the shoulder wanna be :)
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