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Hi All,

One month after changing 2 fuel filters (1 spin on at the motor and 1 Racor), filling the tank up, going on an 8 day cruise + one outing since then...

Yesterday we were going out and 5 minutes out of the slip the engine died. Put out the foresail and limped back to a guest dock, where I did some quick looking. I did not run out of fuel, turned on the key (electric pump operates) and had fuel at all the bleeders. Clogged filters? So I went and bought a couple, installed, bled... engine runs like a top.

I have a 30+ year old 40 gal aluminum tank, the boat sat for 2 years and I have been using it for 1 year. With so many mixed opinions about fuel polishing, tank cleaning etc. I think I could accomplish the same thing by changing fuel filters. It's easy, I got the hang of the bleeding thing. But I don't like the surprises like yesterday.

What kind of indicators (electrical or manual) for fuel restrictions are there for marine 24hp engines? What are some of your thoughts on the subject?

Thanks - Dave
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