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As part of a major rehab to my C&C 24, I'm looking at the existing cockpit drain system and debating making changes. Anyone else gone through this drill?

While it appears that the cockpit sole is actually above the waterline, it seems to be sloped forward toward the two drains just aft of the companionway.

The existing system has two hoses which go to (hopelessly frozen) Groco brass or bronze valves and two (apparently plastic, not marelon) through-hulls in the bottom.

I'm thinking about either duplicating the existing system with new hose, marelon ball valves and thru hulls, or glassing in one existing hole and Y'ing the two drains together to the most accessible (starboard) hole with a single thru hull and valve.

Has anyone made this conversion? It only seems that the limits to how fast the cockpit would drain with only one outlet might only be reached if the cockpit were completely swamped.

How is your cockpit drain system plumbed? Any ideas?

It almost seems that one could consider a couple of these in the stern with hoses run with a slight down slope below the cockpit sole. Not only would this eliminate the need for two existing holes in the bottom of the boat, it would make for a simple system and free up storage in the lazerette.

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