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Looking for advice regarding how my cockpit drains are plumbed on my 1977 Pearson 30. My drains (1.5") are connected via a short (8"?) length of 1.5" hose to a seacock on the same side as the drain -- they are not crossed. The hose runs almost straight down from the barbed end of the drain fitting to the flange on the seacock almost, but not quite, directly below. This will be my third season with this boat and the hose sections look badly deteriorated and in need of replacement. The access is bad enough, but the clearance between the drain fitting and the seacock make it near to impossible to replace this hose. One possible solution, at least as far as giving me more room to work, is to cross the lines (maybe put a 90-degree fitting to make it even easier, but not certain that will be needed). While considered standard practice for many boats, my drain lines are not crossed now -- I've never had water come up the cockpit drain on the leeward side when heeled hard over or had water fail to drain.

Curious how other P30s plumbed... Any disadvantages or potential gotchas proceeding this way (crossing the lines)? Interesting, the original Pearson configuration had hard fiberglass tubes glassed directly to the hull and were regarded as something of a design flaw in at least one review (and not ABYC compliant).

(SemiJim -- I PM'd you about this issue as well)

Thanks in advance.
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