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Cockpit tent

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Just looking for ideas or possibly companies who sell them. I really don't want to go with a bimini due to cost and it getting in the way plus a height issue. I have searched Google images and see a lot of different designs including PVC framing that bend over the boom. I know there will be times where I anchor and sit and play in my kayaks all day but would love to have a tent over the cockpit to get out of the sun at least some of the time. The picture attached is a sweet design but looking for any others and any that are able to be purchased.
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You could simply take a hardware store tarp and drape it over the boom..lightweight and stows easily.

If you want the 'arched' shape, you can carry some lengths of tubing/plastic pipe and drape the tarp over that.(and/or sew tubes into tarp for the pipes) This would stow in a long, narrow package when rolled up and may be doable if you have somewhere to put it.

A pack of bungee cords will complete the package.

As a temporary thing on a daysailer I don't think you need to overthink this.
We have one of these.. it folds into a small bag (smaller than a sleeping bag) and hangs on a halyard.. you'd still need some tie down points, but you could add some padeyes on deck...

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Overkill for a 16 foot daysailer.. sailing it with a bimini would be impractical, windage would be a bigger issue than for a bigger boat.

By all means get a sunshade for the 'lay in the cockpit with a beer' moments, but when you're sailing you want the clear sightlines for trim, you need the ability to react and move where you need to in a hurry.. I just don't see it...

JMO, as ever.... ;)
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Wonder why there is no boom on that boat? Maybe because they don't sail it?
Jib only.... the Bimini won't allow a mainsail, so might as well not pack the boom around....:p;)
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