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Code 0 Furlers, What do you have & do you like it

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I'm trying to get a feel for the pros & cons of the various Code 0 type furling gear out there. And I was hoping for a bit of knowledge & real world experience about some of the various makes, & models available. AKA that you'd be kind enough to share your wisdoms on this, with me. As well as with other forumites ;-)

Gear wise please share what you've have, on equipment, up to & including units of this type which can also be converted into top down spinnaker furlers. Ones which only require the addition of a part or three to the system, to facilitate this/such a change/mod'.

- Ah: Probably the easiest way to answer these questions, is to quote this initial post, & then go in below a specific line/question, & type in your answer using a different (stand out type) color.

If you're being kind enough to share your experiences, please include such relevant information as the following:

- Unit; brand, make, & model.
- How long you've had it/the unit's age.
- How much/often it gets used.
- How heavily you load it, especially compared to it's max load rating? Both in terms of halyard loading, & sail generated loads.
- How well, & easily it works when the weather goes to crap.
- How well it works when you get fumble fingers while operating it.
- Does it intimidate any of your regular crew? If so, whom and why? Please be kind, but specific on this. IE; Don't "out" or humiliate your mate(s).
- Is it easy for new crew to learn to use it?
- What's your boat's size vs. what size (in square feet) sail(s) that you use it with.
- What conditions & wind ranges are you comfortable using it in, & the opposite also?
- How much wind will you leave a furled sail hoisted on it, up in, when it's attached to the gear?
- Do you use a 2:1 purchase on it's halyard or tack?
- Do you use it for more than 1 sail, & if so, do you have more than 1 top swivel?
- What are your thoughts on extra top swivels? Such as 1 for each sail flown from your furler? Both with money factored in, & if it weren't.
- Is your furler a maintenance sensitive piece of kit? If so, please describe.
- What do you carry/keep around in terms of spares for it?
- Does/has your unit had any mechanical troubles, & how's the manufacturer been about helping you out with such?
- Given the chance to receive another unit, gratis, what would you pick now? Why?
- Also, would you recommend your unit to a friend, especially if they could get one like yours for a super low price?
- Thoughts & feedback on continuous line types, vs. line on a drum types.
- Do you tack yours to your bow, or to a sprit (even a short one, such as a long anchor roller) and what led you to that choice?
- Money, & your boat's bow configuration being non-issues, would you change your drum mount setup to what, specifically, & why?
- If your drum is sprit mounted, how long is your sprit, & does it have a bobstay?
- Thoughts on tacking your furler to the end of a long sprit? Say 5'-9', thus making it unreachable from the bow. without pulling in the sprit.
- If mounted to the end of a long, semi-fixed sprit, would you want the furler's drum to be on a sliding (traveler type) car, on a track, on top of the sprit?
- How much of an issue are waves striking; your sprit, furler, & the foot of the sail? Also, is such enough of an issue that you've raised the sail's tack?
- How would you rate Code 0 type furlers for downwind sail control & ease of use vs. spinnaker socks/snuffers? Especially ease of use, to the point where it has you flying such sails far more often with one type of sail handling system over the other?
Please describe your thoughts & experiences on this, including gear; brand & model specifics. Plus sail sizes, & contributing weather factors, etc.
- What are your thoughts on your unit's cost vs. how much you use it/ease of use. IE; In hindsight would you prefer a different method to handle big, foresails? Both for close reaching, & for full on downwind canvas.
- Does the furler & Code 0/A-sails help you make big performance gains, & or have you using your engine a lot less?
- Since getting it, & a Code sail/Asymmetrical, do you use your conventional spinnakers much, any more?
- Money not being a factor, could you see sailing without one in the future? If so, why, & what would you do instead?
- With money factored in, how hard would you work your budget in order to get another one?
- Would you prefer to have a bigger rig, with more standard canvas, vs. messing with Code 0's & spinnakers of various types (given an endless bank account)? Why?
- Any other recommendations, & or words of wisdom for a neophyte buyer? Regarding choosing; this type of furler, sprits, as well as the sails to go with such gear.

And... Thank you so much for your thoughts, & feedback, to assist me with choosing, & with expanding my depth of knowledge. Plus… Especially for reading through my gigantic list of questions.

- Fair winds, & good sailing to you! And, may your rum tank never run dry.
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Suggest to ask your questions over on the Cabo Rico google groups forum as there are a quite a few of them that use these systems extensively on their world travels...

s/v Tango
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