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Colgate 26

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I''m thinking of buying a Colgate 26. Anybody out there have any words of wisdom. I would be using it for daysailing on Lake Michigan. Rob
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Great Daysailer but not a cruiser

I just bought a used Colgate. My family and I plan on sailing coastal Maine so we needed something very safe in open water and easy to crew since we are novices. My wife and I originally learned with Steve Colgate's Off-Shore Course so we were well familiar with the boat and what it can do.
Your final decision, I feel, should be based on what type of sailing you want to do. For Daysailing with a bunch of friends, it's hard to beat but I would not want to cruise for more than one overnight. The cabin space has been sacrificed for a large more comfortable cockpit. It would be uncomfortable and cramped staying below for any length of time. Understandably, when people are forking over $25-30K for a sailboat, many would like to have the that option. However, for me personally, I'd take the athleticism and the excitement the Colgate can offer my friends and family on a day sail! Good Luck!
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Old post

You may want to check the date of the post you responded to. It is from 2001....I did the same thing. Welcome to the boards!:)

Steve's boat is a great deal of fun. I remember back in the days when they used Solings!
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