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columbia 8.7 stuffing Box

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We've recently purchased a Columbia 8.7, The stuffing box needs to be repacked.

Is there a trick to accessing it? so far the only two methods I can see of reaching it without cutting holes in bulkheads are sending in an 8 year old with 2 wrenches or removing the engine. Access from the starboard aft locker is blocked by the refrigeration unit.

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If you are repacking while in the water, a trick to limit the amount of water to leak in.
The wax seals used to seal the toilet to the floor flange can be purchased for a couple bucks without the rubber inner flange. The wax can be stuffed in from the outside along the shaft to hull joint. It should be removed to allow water lubrication, cooling of the packing prior to running.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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