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Columbia''''s Chysler-Nissan engine

July 5 - My husband and I are considering buying a 1974 Columbia 43'' yacht with a Chysler-Nissan model CN4-33 48 HP marine diesel engine. We are hesitating because our mechanic has advised us that parts for this engine are no longer available and that if we need to replace parts such as the exhaust manifold, that we would have to have parts made.

Anyone know other Columbia yacht owners in the Seattle area who may have this same type of engine and who may face this same issue of having parts made? We hope to locate others who can tell us if they''ve found a successful solution to maintaining this type of engine without having to pay exhorbitant rates for custom designed parts.

Any contact information you could send us right away would be greatly appreciated. We are in an urgent situation and need to decide if purchasing this boat is a good idea or not. The Columbia appears to be a well-built boat, but we don''t want to take on a bigger problem below deck than we can handle!

Thanks for your quick response!

Best regards,
Madhuri and Jeff
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