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Combo stand up rotating block and cam cleat

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Does anybody make it? Where do I find it? Do I have to make it by combining two or more products. I need it for my mainsheet on a small boat. Thanks in advance.
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See here:


The springs listed on the page are installed under the block system, the shackle runs in the center of the spring as it were, to stand up the block, as seen below

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Thanks Multi, I have something like that on my Hobie(without the spring). What I need is a setup that would mount on a horizontal surface. Single small block(5/16 sheet) with a cleat coming off. It's for a small monohull(Cal21). I guess I need a base, and a spring, and a block that can sit in the base, and a cleat that will somehow attach. Suppose could do w/o the spring as the sheet comes down from the boom. The current rig is very unacceptable.
Look at the page I linked; there are various options. The picture was just an example. See also (Annapolis Performance Sailing) and see if they don't have what you want
:)yippee!, apsltd was a great suggestion. Parts ordered:p. Happy camper, thanks again multi
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