Did you ever wish you had a fully capable computer and monitor for your boat, rather than trying to squint at a phone or a tablet? I have just what you need, at only $400

The full description is in the attached document “AC/DC Boat Computer System” – but you’d have to search diligently to find something missing.

Everything but the laser printer will run on the clean power 12VDC provided by the Buck-Boost transformer, or the 5VDC equivalent which runs the added 4 USB port hub (for a total of 11 usable USB ports).

The 24” MagInnovision monitor has a bulkhead mount as well as a stand mount, should you wish to use it to watch movies, as we did, selected from the full terabyte of movies on one of the external hard drives.

Or perhaps you want to listen to some of the 500GB of music of all genres from Medieval to Baroque through Rap, using one of the provided cables to feed your sound system – which is also how you’d hear your movies.

Want to make sure you have everything backed up? The two 2TB drives will handle that with aplomb.

You want a nav-station chartplotter with a 24” screen? OpenCPN, full charts for US east coast and Bahamas, and a GPS puck to tell you where you are.

You say that your boat is fully 120VAC? No worries. So’s every one of these devices, and you have a 5-port AC switched power supply to operate them independently, as the base for the no-fly (stable in heavy seas) laser printer which outputs no-run printed pages.

In my application, I mounted virtually everything other than the monitor and the face of the computer out of sight, under a shelf, secured by straps. I mounted the monitor on the bulkhead in the front of the nav station, and the face of the computer was available under it. For movies, we sat opposite the screen and speakers for a theater experience. I lifted the monitor out of the bulkhead mount, reattached the original base (one screw), plugged in the included power and data cables, and selected the movie we wanted from the external terabyte drive, or inserted a DVD into the drive on the computer itself...

Which has 16GB of Ram and 2TB of 7200RPM laptop-efficient disk storage, operating under Windows 10, which is Windows 11-ready, should you care to make that (free) upgrade.

This is a LOT of stuff, and it’s currently in Vero Beach FL, where pickup is free, but UPS COULD safely and securely package it all up and ship it wherever you want it. I have no idea, unfortunately, what that would cost.

I set this up on AC power just to photograph it off the boat, and apologize for the lesser quality of the phone pix (vs the electronic SLR I used for the others). I’ll answer questions here, but contact me directly if you’re seriously interested in the package, at [email protected].

Go here to see all the photos: Complete 12VDC/120VAC Boat Computer System