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Completed 4th recent Cape May trip

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Arrived back from Cape May the evening of July 7th, following a June 28th departure. It was a great trip, with a little more wind than normal. This time I sailed solo nonstop for two days from Urbanna to Cape May via Cape Charles and the Atlantic, cat napping at night, even in the lower Chesapeake Bay. I completed the journey to Cape May from Urbanna, about 210 n.m. in 50 hours, averaging a little more than 4 kts. per hour. The second night I was so tired that I set sail in fairly light conditions off Assateague Island, making about 3 knots on a reach for a couple of hours, just so I could catch up on some more extended sleep. As usual, I saw few boats out in the Atlantic and no sailboats at all.

The N.W. remnants of Arthur passed over us the second to last day in Cape May, with some gusts to 40 kts. and lots of rain.

Here are some photos of the trip:

My brother Walter helped me sail the boat home. We encountered some steep chop outside Cape Charles in the Atlantic and were soaked by spray breaking over the boat every third or fourth wave as we sailed close-hauled SW in 15-20 knots, gusting to 25, sometimes under main alone. After entering the Bay around midnight, we were both so tired we anchored the boat at Kiptopeke Beach to catch up on some sleep. Here is the video the next morning, while it was still quite windy:

My jug storage system and cargo net lee cloths worked well. Even in the most challenging conditions, my gear remained in place and there were clear passageways in the cabin.

Another fun and successful voyage to remember!:)
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Congrats Jim. Kiptopeke is among my favorite places to go in the lower Chesapeake. Not only is the anchorage totally protected, but the concrete Liberty Ships are the best place I know to catch some of the largest tautog in the mid-Atlantic region. I've found them around the third ship down from the north end that tipped the scales at 15 pounds. The flounder fishing is also really good right where you were anchored. I've caught lots of five pounders there using squid strips fished during the moving tide.

This is not a safe place to swim, though. Lots of dusky sharks to 8 feet and bull sharks to 10 feet in this area of the bay. When I was writing a lot and needed shark photos for articles, this was the place to get them. I used a small, live spot or weakfish for bait and usually hooked up with one in a matter of minutes just a few hundred yards west of the ships.

Just to the south at Lattimer Shoal, you can find some monster cobia to 100 pounds lurking along the tug channel edge. Live spot and cut bunker are the best bait for them when fished in a chum slick.

I hope to make the circle in September, when I have a 10-day stretch of time off.

Good luck,

Gary :cool:
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