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People tend to over-tighten the stays on small boats. These are not 40 footers and the stays should be tightened appropriately. I have 2 thoughts on the subject that may be helpfu. First one ... After years of over tension and sometimes at a mooring rocking around 24 hours a day the deck gets a slight bowl under the mast base. The quickstep mast is deck stepped over an arched brace under the cabin house supported on 2 posts on either side. Frankly I doubt the posts are rotted on the bottom but this should be checked though one would expect cabinetry problems evident as well. Other than that the brace can be removed, the deck forced into position and a reshaped brace constructed or the original shimmed somewhat if it somehow settled. The brace is fastened to the posts with 2 bolts each and is easily removable. Second one...The cabin is cored with what may be balsa as the decks are. If water has intruded below the mast base the balsa will become soggy and collapse and would need to be repaired. Pull the stick, remove the mast base which is screwed to the cabin house and check if there is moisture in the substructure. If you or someone drilled holes around there that would be a red flag. The boat originally only had one set of conductors coming up into the mast from beneath the mast step for the steaming light.
I have owned Q24's for a while and have seen this problem and passed on boats during my original search. I have sailed my current Q24 thousands of miles over the past decade and the deck remains as designed which leads me to believe this is a user induced 'problem with the boat'
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