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I was certain of what I wanted but after looking and investigating - I am now very confused.

The facts are I have MS. So can be a little unsteady on my feet and have lost dexterity in my hands. I will be, in the main, by myself. I use to sail and for many years raced in both monos and cats but under nine meters. The dream is to fully live on-board and whilst I still can, I want to sail around Australia and after that [if I feel I can cope] sail to New Zealand and Hawaii.

I started looking at 35' to 45' Catamarans for obvious reasons: no heeling, most have all the controls leading back to the cockpit, self-tacking jibs, [with] mini-keels opens the options of beaching [drying out], larger living areas.
. . . then there are facts of speed to outrun storms and unsinkability etc etc.

My concerns with cats are: They seem overpriced when compared to comparable mono [normally plus10']. Some of the manufacturers and their operations make you think wow. Also, in their quest for lightness a lot of manufactures have used substandard materials and some of the horror stories I have heard have shook me. They talk of speed and in a racing cat that's a fact - however, in the vessels I am looking at as soon as you put a load on, the speed is gone.

So I have just gone in a big circle and back to what would be a better fit cat or mono. I know if I am caught in a storm I would prefer a keeled boat.

. . . is there anyone in a similar situation, and what did you find?
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