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Thanks very much for your kind offer. Because we own a small retail shop in Greenville, SC, and because our manager unexpectedly resigned 2 weeks ago, my wife and I are forced to attend the Maryland School courses separately. Diana (my wife) will be at Lankford Bay Marina on Friday afternoon (Sept 5th) in preparation for her ASA103 class beginning on Saturday 06 Sept. She then will complete the ASA104 class about a week later. I will be at work in Greenville ("holding down the fort" until she returns). Then, on 26 September, I will arrive at Lankford Bay Marina (late afternoon) in preparation for my ASA103/ASA104 Combo class beginning on 27 September. I would be greatly honored to see your CR34 if we can make the scheduling work (and as long as it is not inconvenient for you).

Again, I am humbled by the kindness of the folks on this website.

Most Graciously,
Jonathan Welsh

On Sunday, August 31, 2014 9:07:22 PM UTC-4, Leslie wrote:
Jonathan, the courses with the Maryland School are held at our marina. Let us know when you will be attending and we may be there if you wish to see Tango. She will be out for work on electronics this Fall but if we are there, you would be welcome to see one of these lovely vessels.

You are the second person to say the little sister of the beautiful 38 sails better. The other person was a boat broker who was trying to show us an IP 35. We were turning her down and cancelling the appointment as we had decided on our CR34. Can't really say one CR is better than the other but I do know that the 34 is a very surefooted vessel. We viewed the 38 was more for us to take care of. That is what made us focus on the smaller vessel. It is the old "wax on, wax off" thought that goes through our heads but maybe you will hire people to work on your vessel? We do what we can ourselves so try to keep it under control.

Do come introduce yourself if you get to Lankford Bay Marina. Always nice to meet other lovers of the Cabo Rico boats.

with kind regards,


Leslie Owen
s/v Tango, CR34
Lankford Bay Marina
Chester River, MD
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