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Do you think this boat is up to the tasks i set for it

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I put Contest 30 into a search engine. The consensus is the boat has good craftsmanship, strong construction, and the helm is balanced. The deck has no balsa core to rot out, so it may seem thin and might give a bit. You could always put a compression post in, but may want to check with other boat owners to see if the arch holding the mast is strong. Probably is. The propeller could cause the turbulence around the rudder and you may want to have it pulled, but leave the shaft in place, otherwise plugging the shaft hole so that it is impossible to leak might be a problem. The original engine was said to be an A4 gasoline. At 10 horsepower, it has to be a direct drive running at low RPM. You might also want a small electrical bilge pump that will keep the water down when the boat is unattended, besides a large manual diaphragm pump. As for electronics, at least get a depth finder, GPS and VHF radio combination. A chart plotter would also be nice.
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