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Do you think this boat is up to the tasks i set for it

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Hey Gerard!

Thanks for the reply, and the good report on a Contest 31. We did actually buy the boat, and for a song too! She is in reasonably good shape for her age, and neglect. Same yr as yours '72. Hull #15. Mostly cosmetic stuff.

We are currently on the hard with her doing a bit of a refit, but not much at this point, as her engine and tranny run well, and she is totally able to sail. We did a sea trial with her first too, in which she sailed beautifully in 10 to 12knts of wind, with a barnacle laden bottom to boot. Just rewiring the mast, and then set to step the mast in two weeks and splash the following.

It would be great to be able to speak with another Contest 31 owner, as there are plenty of things only pertinent to a Contest that I have Qs about. if you ever had the time and were so inclined, feel free to give me a call. 434-987-5997

Thanks again Gerard!

Best ~ Curtis
S/V Adelie
Im not a Contest owner but when I had my Nicholson 31 in Europe I wintered he over in Medemblik at the Contest yard. They build excellent boats ( no longer the 31 I don't think ), but it is an excellent yard building great boats.
In reading remarks about offshore boats I have to affirm the impression that the Contessa 32 and Nic 31 are imho great boats. The Contessa is a smaller 32, while the Nic is considerably more spacious. The cockpit is as far aft as possible with a traditional transom and a transom hung rudder,.. in many ways just a larger folk boat. It is a heavy displacement hull that while not a racer chaser was able to average just over 5 knots boat speed over a 21 day transatlantic crossing Halifax to Kinsale Ireland. This included some motoring given that a heavy displacement vessel can carry extra fuel at no cost to boat speed.
It is a full keeled boat with cutaway forefoot that balances beautifully and works superbly on windvane. I've owned my " Blueprint " for 40 years now, having ordered/ purchased her from new. She was shipped to Maine when new and aside from my 6 seasons with her in Europe has lived in Maine where lobster fishing bouys are everywhere and liabilities to the average sailing vessel. I'm here to tell you that this vessel on electronic autopilot 90% of the time, driving straight over those pots and lines, has only caught one once and that was one partially submerged on a too short line. This keel with propeller in aperture is magic in these waters (and abroad).
Anyone interested in discussing further let me know and we can arrange a telephone call.
Bill R
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