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I would not suggest Dyneema in a traveler. Sure, it's cool, all the big kids are doing it, but it also has zero shock absorption. Previously I had polyester (Samson XLS is my favorite, Regatta Braid is way to snag prone for my testes, but that is personal), I swapped to Dyneema when someone gave me what I needed for free (demo), and I HATED it. Like jibing into a brick wall. Since then I have actually switched to dynamic climbing rope and I love it. I have the nearly-new Dyneema in the basement, no idea what it's good for.

Nylon for dock lines and anchor rode, high mod for sheets and halyards, and polyester for many in-between tasks. It all depends on what the job calls for.

And yes, many misguided owners put in too-big lines, thinking the grip will be better, that it is an upgrade. I also prefer smooth lines and gloves to fuzzy lines.
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