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Saw that yesterday

It was recommended at the sailshop that i avoid single braid dyneema because it is slippery and may slide thru the cam cleats.

I believe i'll get samson MLX; polyester covered dyneema core.

Is the Salsa slippery?

I love MLX, I've gone to it for jib and staysail sheets and furling lines, but I think it would be a poor choice for traveler controls, for the reasons that Stumble describes...

I agree that a line like Salsa would be best, no problem holding in a cam cleat, and it has a nice hand which can be important with traveler control lines. If you don't care for the color/appearance of Salsa, Regatta braid would be a decent choice. Regatta Lite could also be nice, but containing some polypro won't last as long due to UV degradation... The relatively new PhD rope from Yale could work nicely, as well - I'm using that for my mainsheet now, it's non-hockling and runs through blocks very nicely...

Samson made a line called Apex, very similar to Salsa, which would make a great line for this application, but it's been discontinued. Some vendors might still have some laying around, however, it was only available in yellow/white...
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