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Here is the history on Corinthian Yachts Inc.

This is the first fiberglass production Multihull Design built in the U.S. They started building this design in 1965. The last one built was in 1993, total number built 28, ours is hull number 12. All the boats built were custom "interior" builds, each one for a specific individual, the exteriors are the same but the interiors vary from boat to boat.

Prior to 1965 if a U.S. citizen wanted a fiberglass production multihull he had to order it out of Europe. The boats available were the Iroquois, Chieftain, and Apache from SAILCRAFT of England designed by Rod McAlpine-Downey and the other choice was the Telstar 26 and 8M designed and built by Tony Smith, Performance Cruising Inc. Later Smith moved to the U.S. and built the long line of Gemini catamarans and as well as the Telstar 28.

All the European boats listed above were being imported by Symon's Sailing, Inc of New York, who was marketing these fiberglass production multihulls nationwide. Eventually Symon's believed there was a demand and a market for a larger multihull. They could save the shipping fees if they were built in the U.S.A.

Symon's went through several designers and eventually asked Ted Irwin to complete the design on this larger multihull; Ted Irwin Irwin Yachts the well respected Florida designer. Over 6000 of his monohull designs have been built, his most popular being a 43’ Center Cockpit, that is still coveted today. This is only multihull design he ever put into production.

He was a “hands on designer” and had the boat built in Florida by the boat building company Corinthian Yachts Builders Inc in Tarpon Springs. The design was named the Corinthian 41, that is how it got its name and the story behind the design.

The similarity between the layout and the design by Ted Irwin and Arthur Piver's Victress 40 design is rather remarkable. What is uniquely different is the asymmetrical design of the amas on the Corinthian 41 as compared to Piver's Victress 40 design which are V shaped amas. The main hull on the Corinthian 41 is a symmetrical round shape - this is possible with fiberglass, not possible with a plywood build of Piver's design which is also V shaped.

Asymmetrical hulls became a popular hull design for the Hobie Cat and similar boats in the 80’s, it was first developed by multihull designer Rudy Choy in the 60's, I think Choy put them on his designs in 1963. Irwin thought enough of this asymmetrical hull design that he used this "new concept of the time" on the amas. This improved the boats pointing ability as compared to the Victress 40.

Prior to this time there were no fiberglass production multihulls built in the U.S. Piver, Cross, Brown, Wharram, etc… sold plans for U.S. citizens to build their own boats and in the 60’ and 70’s the plywood multihull building craze was in full force here in the U.S.

One interesting caveat to the design is that it is rumored, according to the Corinthian Yacht company's owner's son, Irwin consulted with Charlie Morgan, Morgan Yachts, on this multihull design. Through another source I learned that at the same time Irwin consulted with Morgan, Arthur Piver was working for Morgan.

Corinthian Yacht Builders Inc was sold after 1995 and now builds powered multihulls and barges. Still building at the same site in Tarpon Springs, FL known as Corinthian Catamarans, LLC

LOA 41'
LWL 38.5'
BOA 24.5'
SA 771 sqft
Disp 14000lbs
Draft 35"
Mast Ht Above waterline 46'
Center Cockpit Ketch Rigged
Perkins 104/50Hp cruises power 7 kts, pushed 8.5kts
Fuel 100 Gals
Water 100 Gals
One full head, one partial


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yes, I'm looking for my 1st live aboard-world cruising boat, alway liked the multi hulls idk, one found may b too much of a reach for me though :-( its a 90 model on ebay now, anyone familiar with it?
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