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Cost for Bottom Paint Job

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I have a 45 foot sloop, two years old. Can anyone please tell me what a fair price is to have a boat yard redo the bottom with a good quality ablative paint. I purchased the boat new with an ablative paint on it already - quality unknown. I have no prior experience with boat yards and feel obviously helpless with every conversation. I learned the cost of the paint is about $200 +/- per gallon. But I can't find reliable information on what a yard would charge a knowledgeable owner. Thanks for any help offered.
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Depends on what you expect to be done. You don't want to paint the bottom unless it needs the paint, i.e. there isn't enough on already to last until the next haul. Less ablative paint is better than more. Your bottom may need:
1. No paint at all.
2. Touch up on low spots where a base coat is showing.
3. Touch up and one full coat.
4. If the existing paint is flaking off, strip the bottom to gelcoat or barrier coat, paint with one coat of base paint , then two coats of top paint. this is a very expensive job.

A two year old boat should not have too much paint on it, so you shouldn't need to strip paint. Touch up and one coat should be cheap, in boat terms, I would think $400-500 plus paint, although it's been 7-8 years since I had a yard paint my bottom. Again, don't paint unless you know you need it.
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Thanks. That makes more sense than anything I've heard in two years. My local "caretaker" has had a diver clean the bottom every 3-4 months ($130 per dive); and now he's telling me it's going to be around $2,800 to quick haul and do the bottom. I've been a bit, maybe a lot, naive it seems, but I'm starting to question some of his sage advice.
I just paid $2,354 for a haul out; pressure wash; two coats of trinidad 75; changed cutlass bearing and shaft zinc; buff and wax entire freeboard; cosmetic fill and touch up four dings; and the name painted on my transom. This was for my 41' Morgan at a competitively priced North Florida yard. My cost would have been near a thousand less if it was just for the pressure wash and paint. I was quoted $1,500 for the pressure wash with one coat at a Virginia yard. I used to get a price about 25% less in the Bahamas at Man-o-War Cay and I get quotes about 25% higher from New Jersey to Mass. and then lower again in Maine.
I'm in the Annapolis MD area. Do you know how prices here compare to the other areas you mentions? Thanks for your input.

My marina, last time I checked, was charging something like $10.00 per foot to sand lightly and one coat of paint. You supply the paint, they do the rest. This is not including the haul-out, pressure wash, block & tarp, which I think is about $6.00 per foot for non slip holders.
My marina charges $12/ft to haul and launch plus $10/ft to prep and paint the bottom. Primer if needed is an additional $4/ft. Paint and primer not included.
Did you say you're in Annapoli$
I think the $1,500 Virginia quote would be similar in Maryland. I know that was about the rate I would have paid in Solomons. Aythya crew
bottom paint

So, what did you end up paying and for what specifically? Information is invaluble.
Just got quote for $2200 - includes haul and relaunch; prep and two coats of Trinidad ablative paint, with third coating at waterline; and inspect zincs and cutlass bearing. Welcome all comments, critics, etc.
What boat do you have too? Would assume a Jeanneau (model?) since that is where this is posted, but then again...........

Are you kept in the water yr around? or are you on the hard in the winter. Because if you haul in the winter, make sure your paint will not go haywire out of the water in winter, or know that you have to repaint ea spring.

$12.00 foot plus paint in Baltimore including a light sanding to remove loose paint, barnacle heads and 2 coats if you supply enough paint.
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