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Cost of a pushpit?

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I'm going to look at a Nonsuch 22 next week that has its lifelines terminating on the coaming at the aft corners of the transom. There are no stern rails. I'm thinking that boarding the boat from a dingy may be more of a gymnastics exercise than I would care for. Also, I know I'll miss the many options a pushpit provides for attaching things like a solar panel, BBQ, outboard, etc. If I'm going to have a pushpit fabricated, with an opening for a boarding ladder, what should I expect to pay? 1K, 2K, more? I'm located on Cape Cod, MA.
Thanks for your input.
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Simplest thing is to find a pair of "corner" rails - easy to transport and easy to fit - no worries about width. almost guaranteed to clear the backstay unless you have something funky going to the transom corners.
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