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Countertop refitting

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If there is anyone in the Southern Lake Michigan area who is thinking about redoing their counter tops with new laminate, please consider me for the work. I can do a simple removal and replacement of the laminate or a complete reproduction counter piece if needed. I will give a competitive price and will guarantee my craftsmanship. I Program and operate CNC routers so precision is not an issue. I would remove the entire piece and take it to my shop and return with a completed piece. Below is an example of work I did for Sailchick20 on her Beneteau First305. The galley counter top will be completed this off season. You can PM me if you want me to come take a look at what you have and put together a quote (All proceeds go Gary's first boat buying fund) Thank you for any consideration.


After complete reproduction


(I also plumbed the new sink to the through-hull)
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Looks good, fellow Formica Monkey!:D Couple questions, for our future boats: What do you use for substrate? Industrial PB is great as long as it never, ever gets damp. And do you laminate both sides of the substrate to keep it balanced? I don't, up here in the high desert; never had a problem with deformation. It might be useful on a boat in humid coastal areas, tho.

Attractive work. I'm starting to appreciate the use of phenolic laminate in boat interiors. Bob Perry uses a lot of it.
I always use 1/2 or 3/8 marine grade plywood that has glue not effected by fairly high moisture content. I after completion seal every surface with epoxy or at times spray with sealer/clear coat. This usually does the job. I never use particle board or MDF, moderate moisture content will warp and swell it. Phenolic is nice, expensive and don't breath the dust or it will mess you us pretty good.
Nice looking work. What you really need is a winter vacation to Southern California. Oh, and just by coincidence, you could spruce up my Cat 36 while you're here. :D

Cover the air-fare and I will be there:rolleyes:. I'm thinking January 15th as I live in Chicago and that's about the time I need to get out in the sun a bit and it is typically 20 degrees below bearable.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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