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Winds off the inlet at the time were out of the south at 10-15 mph and seas were 2- 4 feet.
Not sure I understand? This condition is when my boat sails its best. Perhaps they had no sails on board? or was he injured? I do get scared going under bridges without power. I have lost my engine power in a river twice. I can tell you its no fun and will. The way I see it if threw up the jib turn the boat eastward he would have been on a starboard tack with 20 across the beam. get some headway then throw the main. then begin to head up and bit in a more southerly direction. Tack south south for an hour or so while Sea-Tow comes for a hook up.
If ever coming through Beaufort SC. Call 911 they have a volunteer emergency service helping distressed vessels. They love the training an love to help people. Its "way" cheaper than paying for a See-tow or Boat-US.

Bless these guys hearts. its probable they did not call for help for a tow because of the expense. "Well, Maybe"
Glad it turned out o.k
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