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Even assuming you get a good welder, which is not the same thing as some guy with a stick. Masts are tempered, and local welding destroys the temper. There may be ways to avoid or correct for this, but I don't know them. On the flip side large masts are routinely built in two sections and sleeved together. I can't think of any reason not to just sleave here as well.

If you are worried about dissimilar metals just use rivets that match the alloy of the mast. They aren't all that hard to find.

If you really want an expert opinion call Brion Toss with pictures of the crack and ask him. I assume he would charge a consulting fee but it shouldn't be much compared to the price of a new mast.

I would also keep close records of everything you do. You may have to explain to your insurance company what and why you did something in the event the mast does come down.
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