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That's great to hear so many stories of success rebuilding old K's. Mine gets intermittent use so I doubt that's very good for the seals.

I have a rebuild kit on board, I think I'll go ahead and bring it home and take my time with it in the shop and see if I can't improve it.

Works pretty well despite the inability to make a full stroke. Not all of my crew can evacuate the bowl because you have to pump wicked fast to get the suction going. I think the other thread mentioned shortening handle but haven[t read that lately. Mine does have a slight bend which helps. It also back up into the bowl but hopefully a joker valve will handle that. Not sure I have one of those. From memory in the spares storage, it was a series of o rings and such, in a ziploc. Not sure it is complete - never been into one of these.

I guess these bases are painted bronze? No wonder they're so pricy. Hope I can get mine working like new - grateful they put quality units in this boat.

I gotta do my tank covers too. Rough seas make it smell in the v berth although there's never been any liquid escape. I guess that's the time to handle it. Before my pristine berth turns into a sewer.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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