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Medsailor has finally joined the ranks of "smart phone" owners/users. For years I had a samsung B2100 Xplorer because it was a cellphone that was totally waterproof and had a nifty flashlight. I did go swimming with it several times (both intentionally and unintentionally ;) ) and it served me well.

Now Samsung has a couple smart phones that are waterproof as well, and I purchased the "S4 Active". I have downloaded a couple apps, such as drag queen, buoy data apps, and sailflow, but I was wondering what creative uses you smart phone veterans have been using?

In THIS post, Minnewaska talks about using the "find your phone app" to find your boat in a dark/foggy anchorage. Now that's what I'm talking about! A racer friend of mine uses a continuous wind data app from the Washington state ferries to look up the ferries that cross his path in front of him. It allows him to see if the wind is stronger on the east side, west side, or center of the puget sound racecourse ahead.

The only unorthadox trick I can contribute is the same one I had on my old phone. I looked up the local Coast Guard station dispatch phone number and programmed it into my phone. If I fall off my boat in cell range, but don't have a handheld VHF, I can just call them up and tell them that I need a chopper pickup :D. Of course, with the smartphone, I can now make their job easier with GPS coordinates.

Anyone else have unorthodox tricks/apps for the modern sailor?

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