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Creosote on Gelcoat

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I recently had a close encounter of the dirty kind with a newly placed piling heavily coated with creosote. I managed to get the creosote off using a variety of solvents (the orange citrus stuff worked very well), but all left behind a brown stain. A friend suggested acetone, but that doesn''t seem to work well, at least not as well as he suggested it should. Davis FSR is a little better. I''m not sure I want to try some of the tougher cleaners like Spray 9. Has anyone got any advice for me? Thanks in advance.
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Have you tried WD-40? Great for getting tar etc off cars, tiles, pretty near anything.
Try TUFFNUFF-removes everything--use gloves and don''t let it get on any painted surfaces or allow excess to drip down side of boat. Make sure you clean area with liberal amounts of water after removing stain.
Thanks very much for the tip. Any idea where I can get TUFFNUFF? I tried Yahoo and Ask Jeeves but didn''t get a good hit.
Try fiberglass/other cleaners in your boat chandlery or try Defender ( Not everyone sells it. Last time I bought it was several years ago @$22/gal. but it lasts a long time. Good Luck!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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