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Crew available - East Coast US (and beyond)

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Hi all,

Probably breaking all kinds of etiquette making this be my first post, but I am looking for some advice and you all seem like a nice lot.

What i'm looking for: I'm taking a break from work and would like to sail (crew) for a week or two, ideally helping someone who could use an extra hand.

My experience: I've been sailing for a few years. My recent experience has been 2 one-week charters in the BVI where i was skipper. I've also done an almost one-week charter in San Diego. The boats have ranged in length from 30 to 44'. I've been building my resume for a while and have taken ASA 101, 103, and 104 classes, and before that, done a lot of day trips while studying at MIT. You'll find me competent crew and pleasant company.

How you can help: I have a few questions:
  • What is the best way to connect with people looking for crew (in addition to this forum)?
  • I'd love to do this at low cost / no cost, but i'm willing to pay a little something in addition to my share of fuel/food/etc. - what would be appropriate?
  • Do you know of anyone needing crew in August? I'm willing to travel to meet the boat.

Thanks for your help!
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Where are you located ?
Boston, and willing to travel.
Recently there have been quite a few "looking for crew" posts in this forum. More than normal (I think). You should look through them and you might find something that suits you. Also, is pretty popular.
I have a Pearson 33 on Cape Cod. Want to go sailing with me?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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