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I'm looking to help crew on a boat crossing the Atlantic from Europe this season. I am currently travelling in Europe, and I can meet you at any port of choice, including the Canaries. I'm available any-time starting in September. If needed I am happy to arrive early and help clean, scrape the hull, or do whatever else needs done to prepare for the voyage.

I have some sailing experience but I'm still a beginner, happy to follow orders and learn more. I have done two offshore passages (800 total nm), including one week-long blue-water passage from the Bahamas to Maryland.

I feel comfortable tinkering with engines and electronics and I have previous work experience in an auto shop and construction jobs. On my last passage I helped scrape the hull, trace an electrical outage, and repair some broken toilet plumbing.

I am a 26 year old American male. I have a degree in economics and I previously worked as an environmental economist (don't know what that is?, I'll explain on the boat). I have been travelling for the last year across parts of Asia and Europe and now I'm looking to return to the US, hopefully by Christmas.

I am an easygoing, likeable, and dependable guy. I am hard working, take initiative as necessary, and learn quickly. I cook, clean, and I'm never late for my shift on watch. I enjoy conversation as much as solitude and I understand well what it takes to live together on a small boat. I have no dietary restrictions, I drink occasionally, and, though I don't smoke, I don't mind those who do. I also speak French moderately well and have my PADI diving certificate.

If you're interested I can send along more information, including my sailing CV and references from the captains of my two previous offshore passages. I'm also happy to chat over the phone or Skype.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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