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Hi Cliff,
I don't mind beginners. I've taught quite a few people how to sail in the past. It's always good to help others get into sailing.
Where are you located and how much experience do you have? What if any boats have you sailed on.
Usually, I take newbies out on the ICW for their first few times out. If you're comfortable with going out into the ocean after that, We can head out. The inlet can get a little rough at times, but isn't too bad most of the time.
Things that you might want to bring would be Foul weather gear. If you don't have any, I keep a couple of extras on the boat for guests. Also if you have a PFD that you like, you can bring that. I have 7 on the boat, but some people are more comfortable with their own if it gets rough. Also any food or beverages that you want. I usually freeze bottles of water and keep them in a cooler, then have a jug of water to refill. I have a couple pairs of sailing gloves on board, but again if you would want your own, that's up to you. Anything else, you want to bring is up to you.
If you're interested, and would like to come meet me and check out the boat, I'm at the Ft Pierce Inlet Marina around 10:am on Mondays. I won't post my phone number on here, but you can PM me through the site, or email me at nereussailor (at)

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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