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Hey all,

I'm Chael, 26 years old, male, from Chicago. I'm currently hanging around Panama City Playita and Brisas anchorages. I'm a veyr friendly guy and most of my time I'm just trying to get to know people here, and from time to time I ask about crewing.

I'm looking to get myself to Asia, via the South Pacific Islands, New Zealand perhaps, and probably Australia.

3 years it has been since I began traveling. I make my business writing literary non fiction about my experiences and the things I learn, posting everything on

I am looking for an unpaid position as crew. As I have been doing all these years, I hope to continue to do as crew, which is to work in exchange for food and board. I am an artist and often I exchange works for food or for places to stay as well.

I realize that I am not the most appropriate for your crew needs. Most look for a cost-share of some kind, and I cannot offer that. I can however offer my adaptability, my aptitude, patience and adeptness--cleaning, cooking, watches, extra watches, artwork, etc. I have three short passages under my belt, 2 cats and one mono, and sailing has come easy to me. I hope to enrich my knowledge with an experienced captain.

If you are in need of crew and have not found already your best bet, and if you are around here in Panama or if you have skype, and would like to see me, to see if our dispositions match up, then please feel free to e-mail me at chael777 at

Thank you,

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