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I am the skipper of a 24' pocket cruiser/racer trimaran. We'll do the Baltimore Leukemia Cup and the Baltimore Harbor Fall Back races on Oct 24/25 in the Multihull class. These are point-to-point races with time limits of 6 hours or less and we stay over in Baltimore Harbor.

I'm hoping to find a beach cat or other multi sailer, but if you race monos, that's fine too.

Last year this race had average winds of 20-35 knots and gust to 40, so it can be quite arduous (we finished the race, along with one other boat in our class).

If you'd like to do this, PM me and tell me about yourself and your experience.


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john i live by the harbor and i am willing. i dont have much/any multi experience, but i own a mono and sail around the harbor. i also taught sailing many moons ago at a camp near annapolis.

pm me for a number if you want more info
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