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Crew Wanted

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I might be buying a 1983 Hunter 27' at G. Winters Marina in Riverside N.J. across the river from Philadelphia. I want to sail it to Elizabeth City, N.C. Would need one competent sailor who has done this route and is familiar with it. I would go along plus a third person would be welcome. Tentative departure around mid October. Expenses paid by me.
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Consider trailering

Sounds like a pretty long trip in a boat that size. Seems like it might be tight accommodations for two or more that are not related. Have you checked around your home area for someone that might lend or rent you a trailer for what might amount to little more than a one day trip? Taking down the mast is a pain, but might be the best opportunity for you make a much needed check of the rigging, lights, antenna, wind indicators, etc. That said, it sounds like a fun adventure. How many days do you figure it will take?
Does the boat have autopilot and radar? That route will take you into the shipping lanes. Do you plan to do the trip as a series of day sails, or will you sail straight through? In that size boat the trip will probably take a week going straight through, allowing for time to stop if weather dictates. I agree with the previous post: trailering the boat might be a better option.
The lowest bid trucking is $1320. There are the associated costs with dropping the mast, hauling out for survey and loading onto the trailer. Then the costs at the destination marina. Total will be around $2500. However, a one week passage with hopefully no stops may be more trouble than just shipping overland. I thought it might be a great opportunity to relearn sailing after 32 yrs away from it. Practically speaking though overland sounds like the better plan. Thanks for the input.
I would look again for less expensive shipping options. Good luck.
"Borrow" a trailer.

It sounded like you might be from the NC area. Boats will be in the water a lot longer than up north and because the Hunter is a production boat, I thought there might be owners in your area that might consider loaning you theirs for a weekend or so. You might try the web site and if you haven't checked it out, you'll find a lot of info on your boat. You might search the owners section find someone with the same boat that would likely have a trailer.
Thank you for the very usefull info. Appreciate it.
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