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Cruisers not as friendly etc. anymore

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Needed a small help item this week. There is close to 400 boats anchored here. The help I need I bet 100 of those boats could have provided and it would have taken less than 5 minutes time. Got no one offering and I even even was offering to pay. Just a few years past I would have been turning down people.

Last week was at an anchorage with a well known cruiser beach. Last time just 2 years ago there were regular sundowners etc. get togethers there. This visit in 4 days there I never saw anyone other than us even go to the beach.

6 years ago on my first year I collected a stack a couple inches high of boater cards. Now for every 10 I give out I might get 1 as newer cruisers just aren't interested in them. Boaters just don"t really even seem to interested in getting together.

The last couple of weeks in various anchorages I have noticed cruisers don't care how close they fly by your boat in the anchorage or how big a wake they made with their dinghies. All they care about is getting to beach bat faster. Just a few year ago it was only the super yachts that acted like owned the water and to hell with other boaters.

Now days it is almost common for someone to take up 3/4 of the small dinghy dock because they needed to lock their boat for and aft.

Maybe it is just me.
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I don't want this to sound weird, but, do you sound HAPPY on the VHF? Does it sound like your voice is smiling?

Does your VHF message say "We rented a car today to go around the island. Its expensive so I want you to come with me so its cheaper. No ratbags, only nice people should reply".
Or do you say: "Hi Folks is Don! Don from 3 Pirates! We're in X Bay and in 3 days we're renting a car and have 2 seats available. It will be exciting. We're going up Bahamas HIGHEST mountain! Visiting the 3 villages, Seeing the WHITEST sand beach and ending with Sunset at Point XXX which you can only get to by car. All this and it will only cost you $40! Guarantee you'll be back on your boat by Cruisers Midnight at 9pm. Call me IMMEDIAETLY after the Net. Remember its Don on 3 Pirates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".
So Mark,
I’m guessing you heard the first version over VHF…
Is there some flag you can fly on your boat that indicates that you are open for visitors?

or is there a high tech version of that?
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