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On your to do list I would say yes to:

The dodger
The jack-lines, not a big expense.
The refrigeration.. add to existing ice box if properly insulated.
The dinghy and outboard.
And perhaps the windless

If she wants Hot better give her hot water.
Inverter..evaluate your needs after you travel a bit.

Not necessary:

Custom Cockpit cushions $$ ( you can use those portable WM cushions.)
SSB is not necessary for coastal cruising.
Same for Wind Vane
DVD players are dirt buy one if you want.
Epirbs you can rent...if needed when you go offshore

I would get a roller will make life a lot easier

I wouldn't buy anything until you know that this is the boat. I would postpone as much as I could until it's closer to the time you leave, unless you'll use it immediately.

For instance..there's no sense to having a Dinghy and a motor sitting around for 4 years unused.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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