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She has asked me if I thing its going to be big enough?
That's the kind of thing you never want to hear from a woman ain't it ??
She thinks that boat was much better in size.
Yeah, once they've gone bigger they never look back, mine likes ultra leather interiors, too.
So the other question I don't want to ruin her wanting to sail with me because the boat is too small.
I don't think you can trick her into thinking it got bigger.
I would hate to keep up-fitting this boat if she will never be happy on it.
I don't see her getting any happier with it
4) She does want to keep cool food for 4 to 5 days".
"She wants hot water".
Me too, refrigeration and running hot water required.
Should I start looking and making a plan with a larger boat?
I sure would, but I've kept the same wife for 40 years and gotten different boats, much cheaper than the other way round.
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