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Cruising Guide for Northeast Florida-Southeast Georgia

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Hello. Does anybody have recommendations for up to date cruising guides for cruising Northeast Florida to Southeastern Georgia and any suggested web sites for purchasing navigation charts? Normally I don't like to post for such basic information; however, I'm transporting a recently purchased boat with 4'11" draft (I know, what was I thinking buying a boat again) and I've read a few horror stories about the Georgia portion. The guides I've seen appear to be out of date and I like to have several backup options for marinas and anchorages. As a precursor to not appear lazy, I've already planned all of the bridge clearances (close at 60' mast height but only one bridge to be worried about at 62' clearance) and planned the route on the ICW with possible jaunts out to the Atlantic for a couple segments depending on our comfort with the new boat and weather conditions. Also, looks like it might be a fun sail from St. Mary's to Brunswick to end the trip thus avoiding the Georgia ICW. I appreciate everybody's comments on this website as I've pretty much read the equivalent of War and Peace over the last 4 weeks. We'd like to do it in 3 days; however, we're factoring 5 days for expected unexpected surprises. Thanks in advance for all advice as I've learned first hand that second hand lessons learned are always better than first :)
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