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We sail from the gulf of Orhaniye-Hisoronyu(Turkey) in a Sigma 33. (1/4 share)
We sailed north to Bodrum in the spring last year and visited the Gulf of Gekova which is very beautful.
The Meltem (N/Westerly) rattles through the gap between Kos and the Turkish mainland and it started on the button at 11:00 hours building up to about a force 6 to 7 and by 18:00hours it eased away. The seas are usually short and can get abit lumpy(during the wind) but there is loads of shelter to be had if needed. There is mainly deep water-not at all like the East coast of UK. A good tip I was given is set off early when rounding any penninsulas and- don''t anchor anywhere close to a windmill/ruin. We rely much on the E.Mediteranean pilot by Rod Heikle.(a must) The temperature will be a bit cooler than in Aug(40C.) and should be good.
We have never visited any of the Greek islands -Kos - Simi etc. because of the uncertainty about visitor and VAT (nasty Greek taxes)We hear all sorts of tales happening to visitors located in Turkey who visit the Greek islands.
In your case there should be no problems in visiting Turkey from Kos - just call in at Bodrum first and get your passport stamped.
The Turks are extremely hospitable and honest-we never bother to lock our cabin up.

Places recommended :-

SE Karada island(anchorage)
Cocertme (chockert me) (jetty O/N & eat at Ibrahim''s or the Rosemarie Rest.) -very good.
English Harbour-
is pretty and sheltered,with a good restaurant which specialises in black eyed bream???
Cleopatras beach(we didn''t go here)
Knidos (the ruins and the altar of Aphrodite) should positively not be missed but slip east to moor and eat at either -
Palamut Buku (Ercols) or
Ogun''s place in Ova Buku.
For a town/change, visit
Dacha -on Sat. mornings for the fresh fruit and veg. market- eat at the Papatya Restaurant- excellant!
Finally if you get time visit Orhaniye- perhaps eat at ''The Dogan Hotel'' and ''Zuhals Rest.''(he grows excellant Parsnips-I gave him some seed in spring)
On the way back to Kos - call in at
Dirsek Buku- very pretty -the lagoon is bursting with fish and the restaurant was broken into by a Porcupine once when we were there.

Expect to pay about $16 for a three course meal plus drinks-usually the mooring for the night is free usually with water and electric thrown in. Always ask for prices before ordering and don''t worry about bargaining/haggleing- It is form to go into the rear of the restaurant and look at the food in the fridges & on offer.
We will be there in early October
(ship called BRANDY)
Hope you have a good time
We Will!

Cheers Don

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Check out for great descriptions of the Dodacanese Islands...Hint click on the map for photos and description. Marathi is a great place to kick back...great food too

John Calhoon
American Pie
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