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Under "buying a boat" I posted this , but am reposting with corrected title here as well. Might be a better forum.

I know everyone selling a boat wants would I the past. But in today's world, one has to be more flexible.

Land value is now down to about $2000/acre or $320K for the full 160 that would be the top of the budget. Leased out for a share of crop so produces income. Only expense is $400/year in property taxes. With the economy etc. in the condition it's in, maybe someone would trade a boat that requires care and feeding ($$$ every month) for real estate just outside Denver, CO that produces income and will at least start appreciating again before too long...I doubt that a used yacht is going to appreciate nearly as much.

We want to retire and go cruising so we don't care that our boat (see how optimistic I am ) will lose value since we will be using it. We are "land rich and cash poor" but want to do it NOW rather than wait. But, we have to find the right seller who has the ability and willingness to take real estate rather than cash. Any takers??? No commission to pay for either party, potentially less taxes. Catamaran preferred, but any sailboat ready to go is what we need. If any interest post here or reply to [email protected]. We are serious and have lots of paid for land....which never disappears...
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