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I think the difference between this rig and a junk is that you can put up a lot of pretty efficient sail area with this rig. I agree that this thing would be a beast hoist. One of the problems that the early Freedoms had was that the sail wrapped around the mast and it was extremely hard to get up. Later Freedoms and Nonsuches just went with a track on the mast and that helped a lot.

Many years ago, a Nonsuch 30 was fitted with an enormous rig including a wing mast made by the Gudgeon brothers. If i remember correctly the mast was 3 or 4 feet wind and pivoted on its base. They then hoisted a sail up the back of the wing. The boat won a Mackinac race until they retroactively changed the handicap (it was somewhere in the fine print that they could do this rather than making everyone else's boat obsolete and competitive.
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