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I''m going to the Phuket, Thailand area to sail for awhile this winter with a friend who recently bought a boat over there and would appreciate any tips, suggestions, ideas that people might have. This would include what to bring, where to sail, shots to get, secret spots, what to be careful of, etc.

I have done very little sailing on larger boats (he has a 41'' Jeneau (sp?), but figure I can learn as a I go.

I''m also interested in finding yoga retreat centers, meditation places, diving, rock climbing, massage training/certification places.



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Some beautiful islands and beaches around phuket. Can also sail south to Lankgawie(?) Malaysia. Do you know where your friend is anchored?

I was up there diving in Feb. so let me see what I can find on dive shops suggested sailing destinations etc etc.

Remember this is the place they filmed that James bond movie and recently Beach.

Do not bring much. Lot''s of cotton clothes available at street markets. Also CD''s etc.etc etc

As for shots probably hyp A and B. Maybe tetanus.
As for Yoga etc will be advertised in local tour brochures. Go to the web for PHUKET there are lots of sites.

As for spas Banyan tree and Dusit lagoona are 5 star and have private beaches. I like Kota Tani beach on southern tip.
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